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Contact my company, La Douce Vie for:
  • Journalism: My specialties are writing about food, wine, travel, lifestyle and culture. I have close to two decades of experience producing a wide variety of engaging content: from articles on travel, family and childrenwinelifestyle and history, to culinary columns, advertorialsbook reviews and interviews with leading chefs. My writing is infused with passion and my aim is always to inspire. With my academic background and years of experience working as a magazine editor, you can rest assured that all my texts are well-written and thoroughly researched. Upon request, my work can be accompanied by high-resolution professional photography or video. My culinary columns were regularly published in France magazine En Route (NL) and French Property News (UK). I was also responsible for the monthly food and drink pages of FRANCE Magazine (UK). My in-depth features have appeared in every issue of these publications. I wrote for leading US cheese publication CULTURE. My work is regularly featured in Reader’s Digest (I am the magazine’s food and drinks columnist), France magazine Leven in Frankrijk and Bouillon. During my career as a food and wine journalist, I have had the opportunity to interview the world’s most renowned chefs, among them Jacques Pépin.
  • Editing & Proofreading: Choosing the right words; paying meticulous attention to proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax; adhering to your publication’s style and tone. I am the editor and senior vice president of the North American publication DUTCH, editor to UK publication Discover Benelux and sub-editor and journalist for Dutch publication Inside Rotterdam. I have also edited tourist magazines such as RUSH and YOU. In these roles, I have created leading magazines, from brainstorming and hiring a team of journalists to actual publication.
  • Content Creation on France: Let me promote your region or business. I can offer you a full package deal that includes text, enticing photography, beautifully designed brochures (digital/print) and even professional film. I work with a highly experienced designer/photographer/cinematographer. Our mission is to make your destination or product shine, and our prices are competitive. Whether you want us to create attractive folders or magazines for your region in France, or want to bring your food/wine/tourism business to the attention of an international audience, we are here to help! Our services are available in English (UK & US) and Dutch. I am also available to edit/proofread all kinds of texts/brochures. Here is a beautiful example of my copywriting work!
  • Culinary copywriting: Are you looking for the right words to highlight your brand? Need someone to deliver mouthwatering texts that will have your audiences hungry for more? I can help you, in English and Dutch.
  • Recipe development: I have written recipes for a wide variety of publications, including one of the most popular Dutch women’s weekly magazines, Vriendin and CULTURE. Because there is nothing worse than a poorly written recipe that results in failure and wasted ingredients, all my recipes are tested for taste and accuracy, and are always guaranteed to work, even for novice cooks.
  • Restaurant Reviews: I love discovering new and interesting restaurants. My reviews have been published in FRANCE Magazine, Brussels Airlines b.there, The Holland Times and DUTCH.
  • Translations: (Dutch/English & English/ Dutch): I have a degree in academic Dutch from the University of Leiden and have lived in the Netherlands for more than two decades. I have translated everything from menus, websites and press releases, to articles and books. I have worked with leading Dutch publishing houses such as Kosmos and top publications such as The Low Countries and Dutch newspaper Het Parool.
  • Honest reviews: I have reviewed products from leading companies such as Revol, Green Spirit Hotels, Les Jardins de La Comtesse and Caudalie as well as books from publishing houses such as New Vessel Press, Octopus Publishing Group, Hardie Grant, Thames & Hudson, Prestel Press, Flammarion, Murdoch Books and Yale University Press.
  • Cooking films: Let me show off your product in my kitchen with a recipe written according to your wishes. Because I work with a professional video editor, I can offer you an attractive package deal.

Are you a beginner in the kitchen and do you want to be inspired to cook delicious plant-based meals for you and your family? Or do you know your way around the kitchen but are looking to expand your culinary repertoire with plant-based dishes that are beautiful, delicious and easy to make? Come and enjoy an individual cooking lesson in my small but well-equipped kitchen in Almere. We decide on a menu (complete with starter and dessert) before each lesson and the shopping is done for you (or we can do it together!).  As we cook, I will also teach you a lot about ingredients and flavors. I work with the best cooking equipment such as Mauviel, Le Creuset and Kitchen Aid. Many of my ingredients such as vinegars, oils, mustards and even flavored sugars are brought over directly from France. You may sign up for a bespoke individual lesson or with your own small group (maximum of 4 people). And because enjoyment is only complete with a great wine, each lesson will be ended with a mini-wine tasting. You will get to enjoy one of my favorite French or Italian wines! The lessons take place in my home in Almere. The menu is inspired by the seasons, but it is also possible to design the menu together.

The Original Amsterdam Plant-Based Culinary Walk!
As someone who is passionate about food, I am very well aware that good products form the basis of a successful meal. That is why I prefer to do my shopping at organic markets and specialty shops. These places are always full of delicious surprises. During a culinary walk, we will visit some of the best (plant-based) culinary addresses in Amsterdam and markets where you will learn about seasonal products and their uses. You will also become more comfortable with making good food choices and discover what the Netherlands has to offer when it comes to plant-based / vegan food and cooking. NOTE: These walks are especially interesting for expats and tourists who are new to the Netherlands.

For more information and to see the list of clients and publications I’ve worked for, please refer to my LinkedIn profile. You can also see a small selection of my work in my portfolio and here.

I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at: or call me at +31 (0) 614388104. To request my press kit, please send me an email.
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