Since 2015, I have been a culinary columnist for France magazine En Route, published in the Netherlands.

I have been writing a culinary column for En Route magazine (published in the Netherlands) titled  Question de Goût since 2015. In each column I discuss the history of a French food/drink product. I have written about poulet de Bresse, Agen prunes, Dijon mustard, pastis, escargots, madeleines and much more. What makes these columns so interesting is that they go beyond food — they also shed light on French history/culture. I have also written travel articles for the magazine with a focus on food and drink.

NOTE: The columns are in Dutch. Though English and Spanish are my native tongues, I have been living in the Netherlands for more than two decades and studied Dutch language and culture at Leiden University.

Below, a selection of columns and articles:

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