As 2017 draws to an end, I look forward to a new year full of happiness… style, flair & joie de vivre!

The year has come and gone. It is December 31st and 2017 is slowly slipping away into the memory boxes of life. It has been a good year. Fruitful in my career and full of love in my personal life. I am incredibly humbled by the many blessings I have been given, including my beautiful family, above all. My husband, who is not only my heart, soul and support, but also my sidekick professionally. This past year, he worked with me on several photoshoots for publications such as Living France and En Route. Currently, he is designing my first cookbook, which will be a love song to France. I am also grateful for my daughter, who turned eighteen today and will be off to university next year. How time whizzes by! Am I really the mother of an adult daughter?!

This year, I look back on wonderful press trips to France, especially memorable was the one to Bergerac and Duras this past July. I could have never imagined that I would be walking through the streets of my heart’s home (Duras) on such an amazing assignment. While watching a light show at the castle with the other journalists, I truly had to choke back tears. I have also very much enjoyed the first collaborations for my website, including Caudalie, Abatilles, Château Eugénie, New Vessel Press and Revol. Hopefully, 2018 will allow me to feature more of my favorite French companies here, too.

We had a splendid Christmas break, and today, as the final hours of this beautiful year tick away, I will be spending my time at home cocooning with the family. No fancy dresses and high heels. No loud parties or flowing wine. No, thank you. Not for me. This girl will be watching Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde on the couch with her feet up and a glass of Champagne… decked out in her favorite Breton shirt and red lipstick, of course. Because I truly intend for 2018 to be even more full of style, flair and joie de vivre! But above all, full of love, peace, health and happiness! For all of you! Bonne année!

PS: In this image, I am wearing the Regatta shirt from the Breton Shirt Company, which traditionally manufactures exceptionally stylish and comfortable garments with plenty of French nautical flair. Also shown are Caudalie’s Eau de Beauté, a bestseller which celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. My lipstick is Esteé Lauder’s Pure Color Envy lipstick in Envious, part of the 2017 Blockbuster. Like silk for your lips!