A beautiful meal requires an equally beautiful bottle, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be wine. An elegant bottle of Abatilles Grand Cru will also complement a meal exquisitely.

I know this may sound rather snobby, but I can’t help wondering why people have soft drinks (or worse, juice) when they go out for a meal at a restaurant. Not that wine is compulsory, but how can any of those beverages possibly go well with food? Sweet, sugary drinks will dull your taste buds and suck the life out of any well-prepared meal. In fact, I consider it an insult to the chef. There. I said it. If I would ever own a restaurant (no, no plans), I would not allow anything else to be served with meals except water and/or wine!
To clarify, I personally don’t have wine with every meal. Water, on the other hand? Always. And when I go out to dinner and can’t drink, I will often choose a bottle of mineral water. Last year I discovered a new variety at a restaurant in Arcachon, the bay and popular tourist destination located about thirty-five miles southwest of Bordeaux. We were about two hours away from our vacation home when we visited Arcachon, so indulging in wine was not an option. Instead, the waiter suggested a bottle of Abatilles Grand Cru, and I am so happy he did because since then, it has been a favorite.

Abatilles water originates at the Arcachon basin at a depth of 472 meters (1,548 ft). The depth – consisting of layers of sand, limestone and clay – functions as a filter, ensuring the water’s pristine qualities and keeping it free from nitrates. When bottled, the water is not treated in any way. The result is a clean-tasting water that is not only wonderful throughout the day (we all know the importance of staying hydrated!), but is also great in lieu of wine, especially the Grand Cru variety which comes in a Bordeaux-like bottle.
Whenever I am in southwest France, one of the first things I purchase at the supermarket is Abatilles, both in a six-pack of 1 ½ liters per bottle and in the pretty Bordelaise bottles for on the dinner table. I ask for it at restaurants, too (with or without wine), and am always very happy when they have it. If you find yourself in that beautiful part of the country, perhaps you might want to give it a try. And if you’re elsewhere and go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, please do your palate a favor and skip the kiddie drinks and juices. Your food will taste so much better.

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