Caudalie was launched in Bordeaux in 1995, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of one of their bestsellers: the Beauty Elixir!

Caudalie is one of my favorite French beauty brands. Why? Because the products are beautiful to use, never let me down and are made with environmentally-friendly ingredients – including vine extracts from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne!
I found out about Caudalie back in 2012 after spotting their range
 of products at a French drugstore. The name intrigued me, and I also thought it was pretty and feminine. I picked up a few products (the Moisturizing Sorbet, Grape Water and Rose de Vigne Shower Gel) and headed toward the checkout counter. When I made a remark about how much I liked the name, the salesgirl explained that ‘caudalie’ is actually the word for a unit that measures how long the taste of wine stays on the palate. Huh?! A skincare line named after wine terminology?! She proceeded to explain that the products are made with vine and grape extracts (polyphenols, viniferine, resveratrol and grape water) derived right out of French vineyards! How could a wine lover possibly not be amused after hearing that! At that moment, I fell in love with the brand, even before I had the chance to try out the products.
And none of them disappointed. The moisturizer was light and balanced my combination skin, the Grape Water went on to become a summer must-have (one spray on a scorching day and I’m reborn!), and the shower gel’s soft scent actually lasts. Over the years I have tried many other Caudalie products and loved them all. Not only do they deliver what they promise, but they are also a pleasure to use. During my latest press trip, I tucked a travel set with five minis into my suitcase, and it was like carrying around a tiny, personal spa. After a long day I would get to my hotel room, take out my little Caudalie bag and indulge!

So what is my favorite Caudalie product, you may be asking yourself right now? Well, I am loving the Glycolic Peel Mask. I have difficult skin (especially before that time of the month), and the gentle but effective formula is helping keep my skin clearer while also taking care of post-breakout discolorations. Granted, it does tingle when applied, but it doesn’t irritate my skin. I also tried the Purifying Mask, but my skin seems to like this one better.

Another fabulous product, which happens to be celebrating its 20th anniversary, is the Beauty Elixir (Eau de Beauté). The fine mist, with its minty, slightly citrusy scent, is like an instant boost for my skin. I keep it on my desk and like to use it during the day for a quick pick-me-up, but it is also great as a toner or for setting my makeup. And the special limited edition bottle with the gold cap is très chic!
Note: To celebrate this wonderful beauty must-have, Caudalie partnered with Atelier Paulin in Paris and has sent some lucky people (me included!) a stunning, handmade gold wire bracelet with the word ‘happy’. Merci Caudalie (& Atelier Paulin)… et bon anniversaire Eau de Beauté !

For more information, visit their website.