The French Life


France food, wine, travel journalist Paola WestbeekI have made no secret of the fact that I am a hopeless Francophile. Though I have always loved all things French, my passion for the country and its culture truly started to blossom somewhere in my early-20s during a trip to the Alsace region. I was captivated by the landscape, the culture, the music (play me an old Aznavour record and all is good in the world again), and of course, the food and wine. Each subsequent trip saw me falling for the charms of France even more. So much so, that I’ve even devoted a large part of my career to declaring my love for the country — through words.
I am a food, wine and travel journalist who lives and works in the Netherlands, but I spend quite a bit of time traveling through France, both on holiday and for work. Being there is a huge source of inspiration, also in my day-to-day life. I am a cosmopolitan woman (born in Colombia, raised in the United States and Dutch since 1997), but in my heart I am a real Française. My love for France has influenced the way I eat, cook, drink, think, sing and even decorate my home. Just ask my husband, who jokingly rolls his eyes every time I drag him to a vide-grenier!
On this blog I will be sharing a little bit of my French lifestyle and passion for France with you. From telling you about interesting places, recipes, products and people, to giving you tips on how to live your life with French style, flair and joie de vivre!

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