Market Fresh Cooking: A Taste of the French Countryside is now available on Amazon!

I’ve finally published my first eBook on Amazon, and I’m so excited because this is only the first! After years of writing recipes for magazines, I decided to explore the world of self-publishing and offer my recipes in an accessible, reader-friendly format. As much as I love beautiful cookbooks, most end up being coffee table books — they’re wonderful to leaf through, yet I rarely cook from them. The same holds true for magazines. Unfortunately, many recipes are not tested enough, and although a book or magazine may offer plenty of inspiration with its handsome photos and layout, the results in the kitchen are not always satisfactory. My goal is to do things a little differently, because in the end it’s not about the fancy design. It’s about the food. Nothing pleases me more than readers who tell me that my recipes have become family favorites or even holiday traditions. That’s my drive, my motivation.
My first eBook (more a booklet than a ‘book’), features more than thirty recipes inspired by the markets I’ve visited in France. When people ask if I went to cooking school, my answer is always, “No, I learned everything at French markets.” I can’t  think of a place that offers as much inspiration. Everything from the way the seasons are reflected in the products on offer, to the recipes that are shared and sometimes overheard. I’ve also included a few recipes that received wonderful feedback in my Cookalongs, such as my soupe au pistou and my flan parisien.
I really hope this collection will transport you to France, and most of all, I hope the recipes will become your own. May you love them just as much as we do!
You can preview and order the book here: Market Fresh Cooking: A Taste of the French Countryside

For a beautiful print replica, order here: Market Fresh Cooking: A Taste of the French Countryside (Print Replica)