My food and drinks column for the December issue of Reader’s Digest

We all know how potentially daunting holiday entertaining can be. Combine high expectations with a desire for perfectionism, add a dollop of relatives who all seem to have different dietary restrictions, finish with a dash of stressing over which drinks to serve, and you’ve cooked yourself up a recipe that’s everything but jolly. Fear not, however. When in doubt about how to gracefully host a gathering come the month of December, nothing will prove as satisfying and stress-free as inviting friends and family over for a casual (yet decidedly festive) holiday buffet. 
The great thing about buffets is that the dishes can be prepared well in advance, meaning you won’t have to leave your guests to serve the next course, not to mention fret about making an impression with your plating skills. Once you’ve decided on which dishes to serve, it’s all a matter of arranging them into an attractive tablescape complete with plates, cutlery and napkins. 

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