Join me on a tour through Saône-et-Loire — in the May 2018 issue of Living France!

As you drive through the south of Burgundy, the Saône-et-Loire’s varied landscape unfolds with vast panoramas of rugged mountains, dense woods, lush pastures and undulating vineyards that seamlessly intermingle with pleasant waterways. The department is divided into five natural regions offering plenty of breathing space to both relax and invigorate. You can whizz through the more than 800 kilometres of marked mountain bike trails one day and discover the countryside on a gentle cruise through the Canal du Centre the next. Culture abounds in this fascinating part of France with towns that are steeped in history and architectural heritage. But that’s not all. Amidst this abundant splendour, some of the country’s most famous gastronomic delights can be savoured with modestly priced wines ranging from elegant whites to rustic reds. This is the France many dream of, visit… and never want to leave.


This article was featured in the May 2018 issue of Living France. You can read the full article here: Where to live May (4)