My food and drinks column for the January issue of Reader’s Digest

After hosting the most eagerly anticipated dinners and cocktail parties of the year, I’m certainly up for a more informal gathering with friends and family come New Year’s Eve. For me, the evening of December 31st should be a casual culmination to what can sometimes be a demanding month. So, rather than striving to spoil my guests with another perfectly orchestrated feast, I find solace in the ease of the potluck and ask them to bring a favourite dish instead. The drinks are on me. My only concern is that the offerings are both varied and festive.

Unlike with a formal dinner where seamlessly pairing drinks with courses is key, the diversity and element of surprise of the food means there’s no need to worry about taking on the role of sommelier. But what should you serve? And equally important, how much (for a group of eight to ten)? The following tips will take the guesswork out of keeping everyone well hydrated during a relaxed end-of-the-year soirée.

Read the full column, published in the January issue of Reader’s Digest UK, here: drinks