A guide to the Bergerac-Duras wine region published in France Magazine.

The medieval town of Bergerac glows with soft sunlight that casts a golden veil over its amber-coloured stone buildings and rustic half-timbered houses. On Place Pélissière, the largest and most attractive square, restaurant terraces are abuzz with the good life as waiters balancing carafes of wine whizz past local hero Cyrano de Bergerac’s famed long nose. A little farther uptown, there’s a market being held at the foot the towering 19th-century Notre-Dame Church. Stalls lure you with regional delicacies such as tinned duck, fragrant walnut oil, zingy goat’s cheeses and Périgord strawberries so ripe and aromatic you can smell them from afar. Not only does every corner of Bergerac ooze ‘joie de vivre’, but the town also boasts a rich wine history that dates back to Gallo-Roman times. 

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