Travel article for French Property News March 2022

With 17 viticultural regions and approximately 400 distinct appellations, France offers wine lovers plenty to choose from. From the noble pinot noirs of Burgundy to the crisp rosés of Provence, there are wines for every taste and budget. But what if you dream of living amidst vine-covered hills or venturing into the wine business?
For some, an attractive house in the countryside with a small plot of vines will suffice. Such hobby vineyards are ideal for those who want to learn something new and don’t intend to earn a living in wine. It’s a completely different story, however, if you have a career change in mind and aspirations of becoming a vigneron. Buying a commercial vineyard will involve more than just learning how to make wine. “If you want a wine business, then you need to understand how to market and sell your wine to make a profit as you will certainly struggle financially if you don’t,” says Tim Swannie, director of HomeHunts, an agent immobilier that specialises in luxury properties and vineyards ( Choosing the right location is also key. 

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PLUS Interview with Domaine La Tourbeille

Image: Hans Westbeek Media Production