My January column for French Property News

Biscuits Roses de Reims
Maison Fossier was established in 1756 and is the oldest biscuit factory in France. The history of the famous biscuits roses, however, goes back to 1690 when frugal bakers in Reims invented an easy recipe to use up residual heat from bread ovens. The biscuits were a huge hit, even tickling the taste buds of royalty. They were served during the coronation of Louis XIV in 1775, and in 1825 Charles X acknowledged their quality with a royal certificate. The popularity of pink biscuits continued to increase in the 1920s when people started dipping them in champagne, which is still a festive way to enjoy these delicate treats. After the Second World War, there were fifteen pink biscuit bakers in Reims. Today, only Maison Fossier remains.


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