Feature on Dordogne, a land of many wonders

With impressive chateaux set amidst vine-covered hills and welcoming villages that invite you to stroll through pretty cobblestoned streets, Dordogne is one of France’s most attractive travel destinations and a highly sought-after area for retirees or those looking to buy a second home. Located in the heartland of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the department owes its name to the main river that intersects it. This idyllic part of the country where winters are mild and life is good, is also known as ‘le Périgord’ and is divided into four territories named after a colour: Vert to the north, Blanc at its centre, Pourpre to the south and Noir to the east. Though each area has its own unique appeal, they are intertwined by their heritage and gastronomic traditions. Dordogne’s rich history is palpable in everything from the prehistoric caves of Lascaux in the Vézère Valley to the impeccably preserved bastides (fortified medieval towns) where time seems to have stood still.

Read the full article, published in the May 2021 issue of French Property News here: 63f86470-edfa-4f3b-a73c-25aa4e0dfdc7