Domaine du Haut-Pécharmant is one of the leading estates in Pécharmant, an appellation in the Bergerac wine region. This rustic red is perfect with confit de canard and hearty autumn dishes.

The Bergerac wine region is located in the south of the Dordogne, on both banks of the river. It counts thirteen unique appellations that produce whites (dry/sweet), rosés and reds. One of them is Pécharmant.

Pécharmant is the oldest area of the Bergerac wine region. Its history goes back to the 11th century when the vineyards (located to the northeast of Bergerac) were cultivated by the monks of Saint-Martin. When it comes to producing quality reds, this is one of the appellations worth looking out for. The wines, ripe and robust, are made from Bordeaux-inspired blends of merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and malbec. Characteristic is  the aging potential of the wines.
The appellation received its AOC certification in 1946. It counts 37 dedicated winemakers spread out over 420 hectares of sloping vineyards that mainly face south.

The Roche family’s estate, which I had the pleasure of visiting last July, boasts 35 hectares. After a tour through their cellars and an extensive wine tasting, I was especially impressed by their traditional 2012 Domaine du Haut-Pécharmant, a classic, aromatic red with lots of blackberry and a hint of vanilla. I served the wine with confit de canard (a perfect match), but it would also work well with other autumn/winter dishes such as red meat and game stews, lentil casseroles (especially with gesiers!) and perhaps a good cassoulet.