Popular with the Parisian chic, worn by the famous and coveted by many (I was no exception!), Repetto ballerinas are the quintessential example of French simplicity and good taste.

Repetto is one of France’s most iconic shoe brands. I had been lusting after Repetto ballerinas for a long time, so I promised myself that I would buy my first pair during our summer vacation to France this year – in Bordeaux, where one of their boutiques is located. For weeks before our departure down south, I had envisioned myself entering the shop and feasting my eyes on a heavenly rainbow of Repettos, wanting to take them all… or at least, to take in that moment as much as possible. It had to be savored slowly, perhaps even more than the actual buying part. Call it ‘shoe foreplay’ if you wish. I was so looking forward to it! But alas. Our vacation drew to an end, the car was packed and we bid Le Sud-Ouest farewell, with a whole lot of wine and good memories, but sans Repettos. I tried to console myself by desperately searching for sale points in the Netherlands, knowing the experience would simply not be the same. My Repettos had to be purchased in France!

After checking into our hotel in Orléans, where we usually spend one night before heading back home, we decided to take a stroll through the popular avenue known as the rue de la République. It is a magnificent part of the city boasting many sumptuous art nouveau buildings and interesting shops – and it is where I stopped in my tracks as I walked past the Julie John shop located at number 8 and spotted Repettos in the window, ten minutes before we were due for our last dinner reservation en France.
Without hesitation, I walked inside and was greeted by a lovely salesgirl who patiently took the time to help me try on a few different models. She was so courteous and polite, calling me ‘madame’ and making small talk about the weather as she carefully removed the dainty ballerinas from their pink tissue paper and gracefully handed them to me. After trying on a few different models, I slipped on the black luxury patent leather Lilis (new to the Repetto collection) and instantly knew it. These were going to be the ones. My first pair of Repettos had just caressed my feet! I paid, thanked the kind salesgirl and floated out of the shop with my new treasures. And about that dinner reservation: we arrived at the restaurant only ten minutes late with me a much happier woman, as vain as that may sound.

But what is it that makes ladies swoon when they see a pair of Repetto ballerinas? The shoes are artisanally crafted in the Dordogne (sidenote: one of my favorite parts of France) with the highest quality materials, using the cousu-retourné method (stitch and return) which is also used for real ballet shoes and makes the shoes extremely comfortable. They are supple and light, hugging your feet and molding to their shape with every step you take. I always have blisters when ‘breaking in’ a pair of shoes, but these felt like walking on clouds from the moment I slipped them on. Not to mention how timelessly beautiful they truly are! A pair of Repetto ballerinas are pure understated elegance. They can be dressed up or down and will add grace and femininity to any outfit. The only problem is choosing! Repettos come in a wealth of styles and colors to suit every taste imaginable. Next on my wishlist? A pair of red Cendrillons to bring out the BB in me!

My Favorite Ways to Wear Ballerinas

  • Skinny black jeans or pencil skirt + striped top or simple blouse
  • Skinny dark blue jeans + crisp white shirt
  • Mid-calf length skirt + fitted top
  • Flowing dresses, both short and long


For more information, visit their website.