My wine column, published in the winter 2022 issue of Inside Rotterdam

Inevitably, my ardent love affair with French wine started in Burgundy. For a young wine novice in her early 20s, a whole new world began to unfold after a memorable journey that started in the Chablis and Grand Auxerrois regions and ended in the Mâconnais. During the course of one delicious week, I drove some 230 kilometres, tasting my way through the regional appellations (there are currently 84), sniffing and swirling with winegrowers who made me blush with their charm and broadening my palate like never before. I often say it was in Burgundy that I truly learned to appreciate wine, but if I were to be more specific, I would say it was in the Côte-d’Or.
Located in the heart of the viticultural region and often referred to as the ‘golden slope’, the east-facing escarpment produces some of the world’s most prestigious wines. And it is here where we find two stunning examples of the great finesse these vineyards bring forth: the Secret de Famille Chardonnay and Secret de Famille Pinot Noir. Highlighting Burgundy’s main varietals and carefully crafted by Maison Albert Bichot, both are classics that will introduce you to what the region has to offer – no wine journey required.

Full column can be read: 25 Column Paola