My wine column, published in the summer issue of Inside Rotterdam

Ah, the advent of summer! As the terraces fill up and we start clinking glasses under a glistening sun, chances are it’s a well-chilled rosé that’s heralding in the new season. Rosé is synonymous with fine weather, light-hearted conversation and Provence – a land of abundance that has inspired and attracted epicures, bon vivants and, yes, seasoned wine drinkers. Though rosé’s reputation is sometimes shadowed by its frivolous summer image, Provence certainly boasts rose-tinted tipples that are deserving of a little more credit. 

The vineyards of Provence cover 26,680 hectares and are spread out over the departments Bouches-du-Rhone, Var and Alpes-Maritimes. Provence is the largest rosé producer in France, with more than 90% of the capacity devoted to the blushing wines (though there are great reds and whites to be had). During the last three decades, production of rosé (which ranges in colour from pale pink to bright, rosy salmon) has tripled, and the wine has become more popular than ever. Provence’s blends are capturing the hearts of many wine lovers, who agree that it isn’t only a drink for the warmer months. There are plenty of gastronomic rosés to be had, too.

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