My article on a weekend in Reims, published in France Magazine

The Sparkle of Reims
Majestically dominating
Place du Cardinal Luçon in Reims, the 13th-century Notre-Dame Cathedral is a sight to behold with its monumental architecture and sculptural grandeur. One must really take time to admire the lavishly ornamented facade, which boasts an impressive 2,303 intricately carved statues depicting Biblical scenes and nobility, among them the famous ‘Smiling Angel’ welcoming visitors by the left entrance. Thirty-three rulers were crowned here between 816 and 1825, earning Reims the name ‘Coronation City’. The cathedral is one of Europe’s most famed Gothic structures and an example of Reims’s rich cultural heritage. But the city’s historic allure is only part of its charm. Situated in the Marne department, Reims is also the gateway to Champagne’s prestigious vineyards. 

Read the full article, published in the April 2021 issue of France Magazine here: PW Le Weekend Reims