France’s Greatest Chansonnier in FRANCE Magazine

“I loved it better before.” That was Edith Piaf’s reaction when Charles Aznavour finally followed her advice and got a nose job. At the beginning of his career, it seemed as though the stars would never align. Critics slammed the young performer for his looks, diminutive stature, raspy voice and unrefined lyrics. In an interview with Vogue Homme in 2017, he said: “Basically, I had nothing going for me. I wasn’t good–looking, I was short, my songs weren’t popular, and when they did become popular, all of a sudden they were too commercial.” But with resolute tenacity and passion for his craft, Aznavour crooned his way into the hearts of many, leaving a lasting legacy as France’s most renowned chansonnier.


Read the full article, published in the April 2022 issue of FRANCE Magazine here: Charles Aznavour

Image: ANEFO