Culinary article for FRANCE Magazine

Mini-kefta with Périgord lamb
Created by Le Vin’Quatre’s chef Charlie Ray, this aromatic dish of lamb keftas and couscous salad merges Moroccan and French cuisine with its bold flavours and use of local ingredients in this case, Périgord’s succulent lamb. “We try to incorporate different flavours from around the world, and I enjoy making classic dishes with a modern twist,” says Charlie.
The couscous (one of the most popular foods in France as a result of the influx of Maghreb immigrants) is seasoned with fragrant spices such as coriander and ginger. Lemon is added for freshness, while a coulis made from sultanas provides a sweet touch.
A red Montravel with intense aromas will be the perfect pairing for this dish. Or opt for a more refreshing Bergerac rosé.


I interviewed Charlie Ray and translated his recipe from French to English. Read the full article here:  24