A stroll through Autun: Travel article for FRANCE Magazine

Autun: Gallo-Roman City in the Morvan
The history of Autun, located in the south of Burgundy’s Parc Régional du Morvan, begins in
15 B.C. when Roman Emperor Augustus founded Augustodunum as a replacement for Bibracte, a Gallic city crowning Mont Beuvray. The Aedui, as its people were called, were happy to leave behind the cold, mountainous air in exchange for their new and modern capital where thermae and other luxuries awaited. Fortunately, Autun’s Gallo-Roman origins are still evident on the outskirts of the provincial town and well worth exploring before heading for a stroll through the pleasant centre.


Read the full article, published in the February 2022 issue of FRANCE Magazine here: Autun