A stroll through Auch: Travel article for FRANCE Magazine

Capital of Gers and Pays d’Art et d’Histoire
Auch may not draw as much tourism as Bordeaux to the north-west or Toulouse to the east, but the capital of Gers (France’s most rural department) still has enough cultural allure to merit a weekend getaway. The attractive town centre, perched on a hill overlooking the banks of the Gers River, breathes history with its characteristic monuments, medieval architecture, fascinating museums and gastronomic heritage. Strolling through the pretty streets, it’s easy to see why Auch (pronounced ‘osh’) was named Pays d’Art et d’Histoire


Read the full article, published in the January 2022 issue of FRANCE Magazine here: auch

Image: D’Artagnan in Auch (Collection Tourisme Gers, CRTL Occitanie, Viet Dominique)