My April column for French Property News: Asparagus

Asperges d’Alsace: Decadent Springtime Vegetable
The beauty of seasonal eating is not only that produce is at its best (I think we can all agree there isn’t any charm, much less taste, to strawberries in winter), but also the delicious anticipation that comes with the arrival of fragrant peaches in summer or the first harvest of brussels sprouts when temperatures drop. And what would spring be without the decadence of asparagus? To me, that first asparagus meal signifies the end of winter and welcome warmth of sunnier days. Sure, you can find bunches of asparagus at the market year-round, imported from places like Peru, but they will never please the discerning palate, for fresh they certainly are not!
Alsace is one of the top asparagus producers in France, and 98% of the production is of the more delicate white variety.

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Image: Pixabay