My article on France’s first celebrity chef, published in France Magazine

Before Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child and Gordon Ramsay whetted the appetites of everyone from the food-obsessed to the novice cook with their culinary prowess and enticing best-selling cookbooks, the world had Marie-Antoine Carême. Hailed as France’s first celebrity chef, Antonin, as he came to be known, was the founding father of haute cuisine, ushering in the dawn of a culinary golden age marked by lavish tables and fine dining. 

Read the full article (INCLUDING my recipe for a Charlotte Russe!), published in the March 2021 issue of France Magazine here: ec2a3b1a-4eb3-418f-85ef-5257632c58d5


Image: M-A-Careme-Fontaine-Pierre-François-Léonard-Bibliothèque-Sainte-Geneviève