Four regions, four incredible French cheeses!

It is no secret that the French love cheese. In fact, in the 16th century, Renaissance humanist François Rabelais proclaimed that together with wine and bread, cheese was part of the ‘holy trinity’ of the French table. And not much has changed today. On average, each person in France feasts on roughly 27.2 kilos of cheese annually. The country boasts approximately 1200 varieties (forty-five are A.O.P-certified) which can be divided into seven categories: goat’s cheese, hard, semi-hard, white mould, blue, red rind and fresh.
From fruity to earthy and from unctuous to firm, in every corner of the country, farmers produce artisanal cheeses that are part of the region’s rich culinary heritage and are waiting to be savoured. Here are four cheeses you need to know about – and why their regions are worth discovering, too.


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