My October column for French Property News

Crème de la crème: Normandy’s rich crème fraîche
There’s plenty to love about Normandy. The region charms with spectacular cliffs, pretty fishing villages, and pastures dotted with apple orchards and half-timbered farmhouses. Its visual splendour, however, is not the only reason I keep coming back.
Normandy is home to some of the country’s best dairy products. There are robust cheeses such as Camembert and Neufchâtel, and when it comes to producing the richest crème fraîche, Normandy is unmatched. Drive through the countryside on a spring or summer day, and you’ll understand why. The verdant landscape is a paradise for the region’s robust Normande cattle seen grazing to their heart’s content on lush grass and fragrant herbs. This results in sweet, fatty milk which is perfect for making crème fraîche. Its high fat content (between 30 and 40 per cent) makes it ideal for cooking as it won’t separate when heated. But truth be told – I’ll gladly devour it by the spoonful. 

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Image: David Parry