Weekend mornings are meant for freshly toasted bread, really good butter and coffee out of a vintage bowl. Join me for my petit-déjeuner à la française!

I love breakfast and cannot even begin to imagine that there are actually people who do not. People who leave the house on a cup of coffee… arrive at the office, have more coffee and then overeat at lunch because they’re starving. I really don’t get how anyone can properly function on an empty stomach. In fact, I don’t think I am a very pleasant person if I haven’t had a good breakfast!
At our house, breakfast is very important, and as old-fashioned as it may sound, I get up every morning to make sure we all eat well. Nothing too fancy. Usually it’s a smoothie bowl made with berries, kefir and banana and topped with some sort of nutritious cereal. Or a green smoothie made with kale or spinach, banana, almond milk and a little matcha. It doesn’t cost me more than five minutes, tops.

On weekends, however, there’s nothing quite as luxurious as starting the day with a French-style breakfast. And by that I mean enjoying French treats such as croissants, pains au chocolat (chocolatine, if you’re from southwest France!) or pains aux raisins (otherwise known as ‘viennoiserie’). Toasted baguette slathered with good butter (and jam), or tartines (sliced bread with various toppings, sort of like an open-faced sandwich) are also delicious and very popular. My daughter loves her tartine with salted caramel, my husband with cheese, and I simply adore good-quality salted butter and strawberry jam (if it’s strawberry season, I prefer to make my own). The most important thing is to choose quality products, so forget the plastic sandwich ‘bread’, get yourself to a good baker (as the French would)… and make those glorious carbs count!
This kind of breakfast calls for coffee made in a French press (cafetière) and served in one of my pretty vintage bowls. I have acquired a lovely collection  at French vide-greniers (flea markets), which, by the way, are the best places to score some real treasures for the house at bargain prices. I also like to add fresh fruit and (though not very French, I know), a nice and healthy green juice. Because it’s all about balance, right?!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to start your weekend off in a deliciously French way!

NOTE: Shown here is the beautiful porcelain presentation plate from Revol’s Equinoxe collection and the iconic Picardie marine blue tumblers.